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07/50 HORROR MOVIES WATCHED. Spoilers ahead, this is not a comprehensive guide of all the movies I watch, only those of the horror genre and/or I have something to say on.

Can I go home?
Martyrs (2016)

Only after I watched the movie did I realize this wasn't the original. I did find it weird that this movie was so recommended when it is so... soulless. To me, it felt like they changed directors three times throught the movie; I felt like the ending was a last minute decision like in doubt blame christians. It did lead to a quite visually pleasing last scene but I wish they wouldve added more religion themes to the movie if in end it is the source of conflict. Whatever.
Incident in Ghostland (2018)

This is my lover's favorite horror movie so I came in with high expectations and even then I was surprised. This is the kind of movie where you have to go in blind, seriously, you being incredibly confused for half of the movie is like, necessary for the true experience.

I plan on writing a lengthy review on this later so come back in a few days lol.
House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

I didn't watch this for the plot or the scare factor. Americans throwing themselves somewhere they shouldn't be, not the most original or something I particularly give a fuck about; I watched this solely for the freaks. I was fully rooting for the killers the entire time because I wanted to see what they would do next.

I love the archetypes of all the main characters. The big clown that is incredibly rude but not really, the sexy blond mom maneater, the cowgirl, the weirdass brother, Tiny, the grandpa. I fucking adore it. I love the costumes, the set, all the symbolism (I was laughing so much with the rabbit scene, like "I can't believe they're pulling this off"). It's dumb, campy, and incredibly inspiring as someone who loves weird shit. They turned the guy into a fucking mermaid statue.

I fucking love this movie. It's so bad but it didn't need to be good.
The Exorcist (1973)

I'm really glad I didn't watch this as a kid, but at the same time I wish I did because I did too get exorcised at the age of twelve, so there would be some relatability. It just feels like a really elaborate metaphor for puberty.

Jokes aside, it is a classic for a reason. It is a horror movie I believe everyone (or at least any horror fan) should watch. It is not a masterpiece, it won't change the way you view the world, but it has very cleary influenced the genre and has it's shining moments. I really do enjoy the priest's character, and the girl's acting was amazing. I do think that at some point it got a little annoying, with the last 30 minutes I kind of just wanted it to be over.

I was gonna give it a three but the child actress literally broke her back so it's getting a 3.5.
The Descent (2005)

This movie was recommended to me by a friend, and I couldn't find it anywhere with subtitles, so I'm not sure what any of them are saying because I fully relying on my audio processing. I'm not sure what half of their names are, but that kinda helped with the atmosphere, idk.

But it was worth it. Cave diving in horror is not a familiar theme for me and I was so interested in everything happening. There's women completely covered in blood, weird looking cave elves and the 2000s green/blue filter. One thing I'd like to highlight is that, while most of the time, dream scares are a very cheap way of adding more scares to a story, it is not the case for this movie. It is done beautifully in the first act with the parallels with the ending, and I plan on rewatching it in order to appreciate the first act a little more.

Also, if you're literally Juno please hmu.
Barbarian (2022)

I only watched this movie because back when it released, there were very opposite and extreme opinions online, some said it was a masterpiece while others claimed it was one of the worst movies theyve ever seen in their life. I came in expecting to have very strong opinions as well, but honestly, I just think it's mediocre. A very solid 2.

"Barbarian" pissed me off. It felt like whatever message they wanted to pass was a second (or 30th) thought and simply shoved in there, not important enought to sacrifice their prior ideas and decisions. Mother's character confuses me; why dehumanize her in such extreme ways? I am not talking about her behaviour, about her role in movie, but rather the fact she was taller than the ceiling and could easily survive getting hit by a car. The movie acts as if it wants to discuss (C)SA and it's victims, but in practice it only uses it as a shock factor. It isn't a surprise - mainstream USamerican movie with it's liberal points of view that they deem revolutationary - but it still made me annoyed the whole thing.

The 2 points are only here thanks to the Mother. I found her backstory very interisting, the only thing that made me keep watching, understanding why she acts the way she does as we learn more and she interacts with Tess. I also do recognize the movie as a modern story, and think that it delt with the obstacles of the time period (like phones) very well, I also like that it was set in an rentable; and one of my favorite things about modern movies is watching them delopt it's own genre; a horror movie that uses classic tell-signs like the soundtrack to trick it's audience and fake jumpscares, I find it very silly and fun. I also like the cinematography of the ending.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Fucking amazing. Not the first or last time I watch this movie; it changed my brain chemistry when I was 15.

I'll eventually make a full review on it.