A clock with a monkey toy sitting on it. Snoopy wearing a skeleton onesie. An amber case with something inside.
Scrolling font here. In red.

*There's the sound of something clearing it's throat.*

"Welcome, my dear reader. I don't believe I recognize you, may I ask how you ended up here? 'Curious', you say? That does not answer my question, but it does not matter."

"What you may call me, you ask? I suppose you visitors have the desire to humanize any voice that speaks to you, that is quite fair. I do not have one. You will have to come up with something yourself." There's laughter. "Do not worry about such trivial things, how could you when there's such marvellous beauty all around you?"


"Well. I suppose it is quite empty for now, yes. But that is only what your eyes can see! My mind is a beautiful paradise of ideas and— what do you mean that doesn't count? You wound me."

"Do not worry, I do not hold it against you. I am grateful that you listen to me, most do not. You wish to explore now, do you not? Go ahead. I do not lock most of my doors, but I do not remember where they lead. It would be probably wise for me to make a map, but that does spoil the fun..."

The voice gets quieter and quieter as it rambles to itself, walking away to somewhere you do not know.