Hello, dear viewer. Welcome to my so-called blog.

This is not a place for honor or shame, it exists solely for my comfort. I exist, and you may hear me if you'd like. It won't ever be beautiful, half of it is on purpose and the other half is a simple consequence of the fact I have no idea of what I'm doing — my experience with programming can be traced back to Amor Doce's profile customization a decade ago, but I haven't touched HTML ever since.

I have very strong opinions about literally everything, and there will never be a better place to expose them than here. Have fun.

I take strong influence from my favorite websites, such as hillhouse, cheytopia and (the one that started it all) MelonKing. The idea of having my own space to talk and appreciate my passions is very appealing to me, and I have many ideas.

I jump from hyperfixation to hyperfixation like a madman when I'm stressed, which I constantly am, so there won't be a comprehensive guide of what to expect. I have no way to prepare you for what I will decide I will dedicate weeks of my life to, so just enjoy the ride.

Currently, my only active page on this site is my Movie Reviews page, which I update as I watch a new horror movie or a movie from another genre that I feel the need to comment on.

Besides that, I am actively working on some other shit, and I'll give you a little sneak peek at it so you may feel inclined to check again in a few days.

8tracks. Something loosely inspired by it, at least. I want to make playlists for the main page that mean something (to me). There will be an archive for past mixes and it will work both as a music recommendation system, but also will allow me to look back at it and think about the shit that was going on.

Incident in a Ghostland Review. I watched it recently and I think it's worth going in depth on my thoughts on the movie. I have a very rough draft ready.